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How to turn cold emails into conversations & clients

Are you using marketing automation for your outbound marketing? If you are then GOOD FOR YOU! Below is an excerpt from an article I found and wanted to share which offers some fundamental but often overlooked guidelines. You can find the whole thing here: Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales: Heather R. Morgan runs a

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Understanding Data – What you need to know

I like to follow this blog post because they cover the simple to the complex and everything in between. I found this article on there and I just have to share it because 1) it does a great job clarifying definitions, 2) it covers information that we all should know and 3) it’s an easy

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5 B2B Mobile Stats That May Scare You To Death

Here’s a post I found on the blog “Mighty and True” ( that I found incredibly enlightening. Our world has drastically changed with the saturation of mobile technology. It’s easy to say “that’s not my target demo – they don’t use mobile technology”. But oh yes they do, and certainly the folks that report to

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16 Google AdWords Ad extensions: What, Why and How?

I feel compelled to share this blog post. This is without a doubt one of the best articles I’ve read on maximizing your Google Adwords investment…simple to do most of these and they go a long way in getting additional clicks:

9 Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

This is an excellent article I found on Panorama ( that nails it. Some of these sound so completely obvious, but it’s amazing how many businesses still make that same mistakes over and over again. In the words of my former president who knew how to manage the ENTIRE company, it’s all about “clarity &

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Successful Franchise Marketing Starts with a Local Marketing Strategy That Aligns the Franchisee with the Franchisor

I follow this blog – love their content – and here’s a post that I found that’s dead-on for aligning local marketing efforts with the corporate strategy: ( Most franchisors have robust franchise marketing plans in place for the franchise that revolve around advertising.  The marketing programs are usually mandatory and pool funds from all

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One change that dramatically improved B2B marketing results

Here’s an excerpt from a really good post I found about improving your B2B marketing results. You can read the entire post here – You can’t rely on your own data. Your prospects spend the vast majority of their time doing everything except opening your emails, visiting your site or viewing your content. Despite

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Local Search Gets A Raw Deal

One of my favorite marketing blogs is “AimClearBlog”. Here’s an excerpt from a recent post about how Google’s latest algorithm is creating tons of issues for local business owners. “Local business owners: Have your rankings plummeted? Did traffic fall off a cliff? No longer appearing in a crucial Google map result? You may have been

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